Frequently asked questions :

  • 1. My computer screen says that I am not connected to the internet.

    FIX: Your firewall settings are not allowing our website to connect (this frequently happens when you are attempting to complete a Will while you are at work or on a work computer). Try connecting to our website using a different internet browser. (e.g., Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge). If no success, complete the Will using a different computer (or tablet or smart phone). As a final option, you may need to access the internet using a different internet connection, different computer, and possibly a different internet browser.

  • 2. I have not received my email verification code.

    FIX: Check your spam and junk folders. Try using a different email address. Try completing the Will with a different computer/tablet/smartphone, or at a different internet connection.

    Possible reasons may include a poor internet connection; entering in the wrong email address; email that is sent from our Will site server goes to the junk/spam folder; browser incompatibility issues; customer computer “glitch” issues; customer / business / government firewall security settings not allowing our email to pass through. You may need to start again and make a new Will.

  • 3. I cannot find the pop-up window to enter my email verification code.

    FIX: It is possible that you inadvertently closed the pop-up window. Start again and make a new Will.

  • 4. I entered my verification code and cannot find my Will.

    FIX: It is important to remember what choice you made (Email, Print, or Download) when you requested your verification code by entering in your email address. The Will may have been emailed to you (check your junk and spam folders). If you chose Print or Download, check for a new page or pop-up window on your computer (if you chose Download, your will is prepared in PDF format).

    If you see a screen that states your Will has been successfully completed, you can choose again, any, or all of them (Email, Print, Download).

    As a last resort, start again and make a new Will.

  • 5. Do I send you a copy of my completed Last Will and Testament?

    FIX: No.

    Do not send us a copy of your Will. It is your responsibility to keep your original Will is a safe place.

  • 6. I want to make changes to my Will.

    FIX: To make changes, you must start again and make a new Will. For security reasons, we do not keep a copy of your Will on our database. You can use our website as often as you like to make a new Will.

  • 7. Do I need my Will Notarized?

    FIX: Every State and Province has different laws. We suggest you complete a thorough internet search to determine if you need your Will notarized for your State or Province, and contact a lawyer/attorney.

  • 8. Can you mail me a Hard Copy Will Kit that I can fill out using pen and paper?

    FIX: No.

    We do not provide hard copy Will Kits. If you are working with an Insurance Agent, contact them directly, they may be able to provide you one.

  • 9. Can you help me with specific questions I have regarding my unique circumstances with Will?

    FIX: We do not provide legal advice. The website offers comprehensive answers on the Legal Considerations page. Otherwise, you must contact a lawyer/attorney.

  • 10. The Will does not satisfy my unique requirements. What are my options?

    FIX: Our Wills meet the requirements of approximately 70% of all North Americans. We do not offer modifications of our Will template. You will need to contact a lawyer/attorney for your unique requirements.

  • 11. Do You Require Further Assistance?

    If You Require Further Assistance :

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 1-604-229-6617 (Hours 8am to 4pm (Pacific) Monday to Friday).

  • 11. How can I advertise my business or profession on this website?

    No advertising is permitted. However, we offer a special program to non profit organizations to assist them with planned giving and fundraising. Please contact us at [email protected] if you want more information about this program.